If you are a mom, looking to return to the workplace, we may have a job for you. Are you good with children? Do you have flexible hours? Would you like to make full time pay, putting in part time hours?  Licenders would like to meet you. We have been helping families get rid of head lice since 1996.


Nix & Rid Lice Treatment

This month’s Journal of Medical Entomology states that 99.6% of U.S. head lice are resistant to pyrethrin and pyrethroids. What is astonishing is when mom’s shop for lice shampoo, 44% of OTC sales were Nix and RID (which are pyrethrin- or pyrethroid-based). .



Getting rid of head lice is like shooting at a moving target because they evolve so quickly. Licenders is participating in the ICP5 convention to learn from the Scientists and laboratory studies the most effective ways in fighting the current strains of head lice.