It’s nice to be appreciated

We work hard to keep our staff motivated and our level of customer service up, so it’s always a pleasure to get a positive 5 star review.


A week-ago Sunday night I discovered my daughter had a bad case of lice. (A case, that in hindsight, I had missed diagnosing for at least a couple of weeks.) I quickly went online to try and make an appointment at Licenders in midtown and discovered they had a location near my apartment on the Upper East Side, and with walk-in hours for a (free) lice check! I was at the door waiting Monday morning when Shaniqua arrived to open the location at 8am. After confirming that my daughter had lice, she called to get an additional person to treat my daughter. Shaniqua got us started and the extra hands arrived fairly quickly. After spending 3  1/2 hours at Licenders to treat both my daughter and myself (I ended up having lice as well), we departed clean and feeling good, despite the lice. Shaniqua was amazing, as was Barbara and Margaret, who treated my daughter and myself respectively. We left with instructions for home management, including what to do with our clothes, bedding and furniture. I went back later the same day to have my other daughter checked and treated and happily, she was lice-free. I could easily comb-out my daughter but it was very difficult for me to comb-out myself so I went back a few days later to have another treatment and comb-out. I also went back with both my daughters to get them checked and to make sure I was doing a good job at home with the one who had lice, and for the one who didn’t have lice, i needed to know she was still clean (she was).  I can say that Licenders became my home away from home this past week. I feel that they are meticulous with how they looked for the lice and treated our cases, as well as how they disinfected and cleaned their equipment including the chairs.  They also were very nice and understanding about the inconvenience and nuisance of having lice. I am a believer in exceptional customer service and I believe Licenders delivered excellent customer care. I saw a lot of people at Licenders this week – including distraught moms and crying children  – Shaniqua, as the manger, made everyone feel like they were the only client and had a calming influence during a time-consuming and potentially upsetting time. It is one busy “salon”! The owner of Licenders is lucky to have her running the Upper East Side location. I cannot say enough good things about Shaniqua and the other women at the shop who worked tirelessly to rid our family of lice. We are 8 days out from the initial finding and so far so good. We have one last check later this week closer to the 2-week guarantee time period (Licenders guarantees their program of the in-salon treatment and follow-up home care to rid you of lice because they say it takes 7-10 days for any stray egg to hatch. If I do my home care, i will kill any stray egg that hatches.)  In the future, i will not hesitate to have Licenders perform a free check, and treat me or my daughters if we end up having lice, again.

Resist the urge…

We have been helping families get rid of head lice since 1996. To often, when we start going through the child’s head to see if lice are present, we find that the child’s scalp has been irritated. Combing at that point is out of the question. When you find out your child has head lice resist the urge to use strong toxic lice shampoo and leaving it on the head longer then prescribed. They give you a time limit because more than that can be harmful.