What’s best for my child?

 Getting rid of head lice has become big business. As such,, an educated parent realizes that a lot of the lice information out there is supplied by chemical companies with an agenda to sell lice products. None of the pesticidal formulas that clinical testing recommended had a 100% kill rate. Only a 100% kill rate  will end the lice life cycle. That is why Licenders uses the AirAllè lice device and also does a thorough comb out.

Viable Head Lice

Sometimes you treat for head lice and do a thorough comb out and still find head lice crawling around days later. How is that? It may be that what you are finding is not a viable louse. That means the louse can’t reproduce and is therefore not a threat to continue the lice life cycle. Head lice are easily damaged and can become non-viable after shampooing with a good lice shampoo.

Adie Horowitz on Women in Business with Dr Gayle Carson

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Adie Horowitz, the founder of Licenders, is a mother who felt like she had nowhere to turn when her children were diagnosed as “having lice.” As an informed mother, Adie insisted that there must indeed be alternative methods for removing lice without using the highly toxic products that were in the marketplace.

With significant research, Adie created her own lice removal process and product to handle her problem. Within three months, Adie’s services were in such high demand by mothers that had heard of her lice removal success that she was faced with the need to open a business to help others in need.

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Another happy client…


Phil G.

I was notified yesterday by one of the program coordinators at my daughters school that my toddler had head lice. When I contacted the school they told me that this was a routine screening done before the start of the school year by a company contracted by the school. However, when I asked them how serious this matter was I was told that they only found a few knits, nothing that would suggest an infestation. While researching the internet I found out about a company  called Licenders who offers free screenings 7 days a week. So I decided to get a second opinion and see for myself what really was going on.

After a short wait my daughter was seen by a clinician who  spent time doing a full sweep of my daughters hair and confirmed that she had 6 lice as well as many knits that needed to be removed. At the same time she was very reassuring and walked me through the treatment process. I was able to see firsthand just how detailed and careful the clinicians at Licenders are as they carefully removed the lice using their (all-natural) cleansing agents and combs. These bugs and their knits are visible enough to be seen on towel paper as was shown to me by the clinician. This took away any doubts that I had previously had while at the same time it helped me realize that this was no small situation like the school had made it sound. I completely understand that no school wants to create a panic among the parent body, however, I am so glad that I chose Licenders to give me the full story of what was happening. Moreover, I was highly impressed at the techniques implemented to remove the lice as well as the guidance that was given to me as to how to maintain a lice-free head. By the way, they assess the parents as well because once a child has it, chances are that a parent has it too.

Thankfully, I was  cleared without any problems, but, got a comb-out and shampooing anyway just to be sure that if something was not detected on a first screening that it wouldn’t get too far with the scrub out that I had undergone! Overall what made me feel great was knowing that I was taking control of the situation by employing the services of a company that has a reputation for excellence, a strong web-based presence that is highly informative and very up-to date, and last but not least-very thorough. Getting lice removed can be time consuming, but, at Licenders I can honestly say that it’s time well spent.  As a matter of fact I would highly recommend them to my daughters day camp and school for both screenings and removal. Undoubtedly, this would help ease any unnecessary stress at the start of the school year.

Long Island Lice Treatment

It’s nice living out in the Island. The homes are spacious, the scenery is relaxing, and generally the tempo of life is more relaxing then that of New York. Until your child comes home with head lice, and life as you know it comes to a complete halt. My wife formed Licenders back in 1996 to help parents struggling with head lice infestation. If you live in or near Port Washington, Long Island, and have lice issues, we are local, and will help you get rid of lice. Our all natural head lice treatment comes with a guarantee. 


If you are a mom, looking to return to the workplace, we may have a job for you. Are you good with children? Do you have flexible hours? Would you like to make full time pay, putting in part time hours?  Licenders would like to meet you. We have been helping families get rid of head lice since 1996.