How to get rid of lice in New York

Head lice are rapidly evolving. Their resistance to pesticide-based shampoo’s have made lice treatment a nightmare.


Lice Removal Service in New York

As a , mother and daughter, I can help young entrepreneurs develop a healthy work/life balance. If you are struggling with lice removal, take advange of our free lice screenings. I got my business experience running Licenders since 1996. we are here to help.


Lice Treatment in Connecticut

Combing out head lice is not difficult. What requires a little effort is the amount of thoroughness and maintenance required to end the lice life cycle. When shopping for a lice shampoo make sure what you are buying doesn’t contain pesticides. Make sure you use a steel lice comb with long teeth. You can call us for any lice information or for help getting rid of head lice.

Head Lice Removal in New York

When it comes for caring for our children we want the best. Especially when it’s health related. Tring to get rid of head lice is no exception. So how do you know which is the best head lice removal in New York?



New York Lice Treatment Centers

In an effort to provide even better customer service to families struggling with head lice removal in New York, Licenders maintains an Upper west side and an Upper east side lice salon. We cater to your schedule. Don’t forget to take advantage of our FREE head check service especially now during winter vacation. Head lice never go on vacation.

Head Lice Removal In New York

When the kids were small we lived in Brooklyn. Now that they are grown and out of the house, we moved to Manhattan. Everything is so interesting here, and life is so fast paced.

As a New York resident we’ve grown to expect quick service, and many selections.

It is the same with our lice removal business. To stay ahead you have to offer great customer service and convenience. To that end we have an upper east side, and an upper west side lice treatment center. Wherever you are, if you need lice treatment, we are not far.

We still offer in home lice removal, if that fits better into your schedule.